Cherky – Stick – Black garlic and shiitake

In recent years, Europe has seen the appearance of brands of Beef Jerky, of good quality. These companies often offer several types of products in the same spirit such as whole steaks, bars, sticks and other salami or dry sausages.


Today, we will take a closer look at a product from the brand Cherky, a very recent Spanish company founded by three friends in 2017 and more specifically their Black garlic and shiitake sticks.

First of all, their products are organic and preservative-free, which is not the case with all Jerky brands. We test quite a few food products with additives, but if we did we would be sure to add a special mention to the article.


Ingredients: veal* (made with 222 g veal per 100 g), sesame seeds*, sea salt, shiitake*, black garlic* and natural lamb casing . *Certified organic ingredients.
Package is vacuum packed.



Cherky sticks come in a 25 g packet vacuum packed and non-resealable. The sticks are rather tender with a ratio of 2.22 (it takes 222 g of meat to make 100 g of stick) and are not at all brittle, as we can see in the photos. The product looks good and the meat looks lean, the natural casing skin is quite thick but can be removed easily.


Preservative-free products tend to be more salty / sweet than others, so it must be taken into account in your daily intake and more particularly in the event of pathologies such as diabetes or hypertension; see the Nutrition facts table.
Also beware of possible allergies mainly because of sesame and other products used in the workshops.

As usual, the basic recipe is simple, based on sea salt, shiitake mushrooms and black garlic and gives off a pleasant but rather discreet scent, unlike some products such as the Garlic Jerky from SirLoin, and in the end gives us pleasant sticks of lean meat that can be nibbled on throughout the day. Whether you are like me or not, your package will necessarily disappear at lightning speed because 25 g is still a small portion…

Nutrition facts

Average values for100 g
Energy1292 kJ / 308 kcal
Fat14.6 g
    of which saturates5.58g
Carbohydrate1.02 g
    of which sugar1.01 g
Protein43.23 g
Salt4.42 g
Nutrition facts table


These are good sticks made of lean meat with a good taste of black garlic, the ingredients are mostly organic and the price is around 2 € per pack which is rather reasonable for the product. And for the most greedy among us there is always the possibility of finding stores that offer bulk discounts.

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